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Train stations

Serenity Transport Company serves train stations on the French Riviera

Book today your vehicle with driver when you leave or arrive at a station. Enjoy a prestigious and à la carte service. Do not miss your train with us anymore and book in advance and we will take care of you on your arrival.

You can count on our driver to welcome you and take care of you when you arrive at the stations of Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Monaco to take you home, to your appointment, or to work,…

Also at your disposal a shuttle service to drive you between the stations and Nice airport.

Other destinations are also served by our VTC, stations, outings, events. Book your private vehicle.

Pick-up at the train station, without surcharge in case of delay of your train.

Serenity Transport Company offers you
the following fares for your train station transfer

Day fares

Simple transfers to train stations *

1 to 3 persons


4 to 5 persons

CANNES <> NICE VILLE105 €125 €

Night fares : 8PM to 8AM

* Scaling discount ranging from 5 to 15% depending on the number of transfers

** + 5 to 10% from June, 1st until  September, 30th and according to events planning on all Cannes / Airport transfers 

All rates are indicative, they may be subject to change due to different criteria.

They include:
• pre-routing,
• base return,
• vehicle washing and maintenance costs,
• motorway tolls,
• customer drinks and snacks
• packed lunches where provided.

They do not include:
• customer delays beyond 10 min (€1/min)
• breakage or damage caused to the vehicle by customers in connection with the transfer
• additional journeys and waiting times beyond the flat rate agreed in advance.

Our other transport services in Cannes Côte d'Azur

Payment on board

Vehicle equipped with a card payment terminal


Specific insurance for private driver (VTC)

A professional driver (VTC) since 2014, I am registered in the Prefecture and insured for my activity.

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